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Beauty and the Beast.

 The show was a huge success with just

about every performance sold out!




Last Show (Spring 2018)

Abigails Party

The classic Mike Leigh situation comedy from the 1970s. Beverly and Lawrence are holding a little evening social with their new neighbours, Angela and Tony as well as Susan a friend from down the road whilst her own teenage daughter Abigail is holding a party of her own.  



Previous Show (Autumn 2017)

Sleeping Beauty

The Sleeping Beauty, by Ben Crocker; a classic tale of a beautiful princess, an evil curse, talking cats and of course, a love story. All set over the course of about 118 years, including an interval.




Earlier Production (Spring 2017)

Anybody for Murder?

Max is planning to murder his wife Janet, collect her life insurance, and enjoy life with his girlfriend when Mary and George arrive on their Greek island with news: Mary and Janet are beneficiaries of a huge fortune. Plans and plots hatch, and soon everyone is bent on murder. All that stands in their way is the presence of a neighbor who knows a thing or two about murder, crime writer Edgar Chambers.


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