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November 28-30, 2019. Dolphins Hall, Tetbury




The production left on time and 

didn't come off the rails!


A Comedy/Drama staged at the Dolphins Hall, Tetbury


25-27 April 2019



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Dolphins Dramatic Society

Nearly there! By the time this hits your door mat we will have just three weeks to go before The Ghost Train pulls in to The Dolphins Hall, New Church Street, Tetbury. Tickets are on sale at Tetbury Hardware, London Road and as always Malcolm will be doing a grand job as our box office. You can also buy tickets online at  hurry you really don’t want to miss out on this show, a great set, suspense and comedy plus a well stocked bar to keep you hydrated!

I mentioned that Alex Ball, our Director, had spent a session with the actors getting to know and understand their character, several people have asked me what it entails so if you are wondering what this is all about – here’s the answer. Most acting books and teachers use similar principles as a basis of their pedagogy i.e. Stanislavski’s system.  Constantin Stanislavski is regarded as the Father of modern acting and every acting technique is based on his seven questions which are an invaluable foundation on which to build a character:

1. Who am I? 2. Where am I? 3. What time is it? 4. What do I want? 5. Why do I want it? 6. How will I get what I want? 7. What must I overcome to get what I want? There are also questions asked within these questions but don’t worry I’m not going into that amount of detail.

Basically Stanislavsky didn't want actors to simply create a facsimile of an emotion. He wanted them to actually feel the emotion. Therefore, if a scene calls for extreme grief, actors need to put themselves in the mindset of the character's situation so that they genuinely experience the feelings of intense sadness; the same goes for all the other emotions. Sometimes, of course, the scene is so dramatic and the character so human that these intense emotions come naturally. However, for actors not able to connect with the character's emotional state, Stanislavsky’s teaching encourages performers to reach into their personal memories and draw upon comparable life experiences. Well that’s what Alex encouraged all of us to do – it works! Come along and see for yourself 25 – 27 April, you will definitely have a good night out.

As mentioned in the last article we need to borrow some props, luckily someone has lent The Society a railway lantern but we still need a parrot cage, one that is easy to carry. If you are able to help, please contact Jenny Miles on 01666 503059.

Terri White

Dolphins Dramatic Society

Our play for spring this year will be The Ghost Train written by Arnold Ridley, for those of you old enough - Private Godfrey from the television comedy Dad’s Army; it will take place at The Dolphins Hall and will run from 25 – 27 April 2019.

Our Director is Alex Ball and he is being ably assisted by Gwen Hobson. Alex has already worked out a time sheet for all the cast plus a session for each actor to work on the character they are playing so that it just comes naturally  at all rehearsals and obviously each performance. Phillip Webb is back with us again, we have missed his quick wit and jokes, also Ian Smith – Ian has been responsible for the design and ordering of the wonderful banners that we have had for the last three productions; Ian always does so much behind the scenes, he has been part of Dolphins Dramatic Society since he was about seven years old. In those early years he used to help his Dad, Rob Smith, building and painting scenery, a job he is still heavily involved with. 

From our last production, Beauty and the Beast, a thank you should have been extended to Derek Miles – he always does a lot of running around for The Dolphins but more especially for this last pantomime. He made numerous trips backwards and forward to the Goods Shed with props and costumes plus having his home turned upside down from all the cast trouping through to try on their costumes! Every inch of space in Derek and Jenny’s lounge and dining room was covered with costumes, material or props and on the dining table was Jenny’s sewing machine with Jenny busy sewing making any alterations where necessary; there was one spare seat and that was where Derek could sit if he wanted to watch the television! Thank you Derek from all the Dolphins, we do appreciate you and what you have to put up with.

Terri White





It was a fantastic show!

Thanks go to Anne, our brilliant director and David Hudson; the one-man lighting, sound and stage setter-up-erer!


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